Call For Entries: 20 February – 20 June  2023

Entry Requirements

1. Professional&Company

All the Designers, Design groups, Design institutions, Teachers of design colleges

2. Student (Under 26 years old)

Junior college students, Undergraduate Students, and Graduate students can sign up for the C-IDEA Design Award.

Any unpublished and published concept works include mass-produced or marketed products that can participate in C-IDEA Design Award. The works must be the original works created by the competitors recently and it is completely original without plagiarism.

The Theme

1. Free Theme

It opens for all design works with different themes


2. Theme : Design about Water
You need to submit works related to the “water element”, and the types of works are unlimited (types of works including :product design, graphic design, environmental landscape design, architectural design, fashion design, animation and intelligent interaction design, etc.).

Your works will be exhibited in Germany Bunde Museum if your entry is selected by the Jury members and won prizes.

Registration Procedure

Date: 20 February  –  20 June 2023

Early Bird:  20 February – 20 April 2023

Regular: 21 April – 20 June 2023

Please visit the official C-IDEA Design Award website for online registration and payment.  Submit your works HERE

* The registration information and works cannot be modified after your works have been submitted.


1. Call For Entries | 20 February 2023

There are two ways to submit works

2. Deadline of Application | 20 June 2023

3. Online Preselection
Jurors take pre-screen online |Preselection results will be announced by official email at cidea_design@hotmail.com

4. Submit Selected works for Final Evaluation 
Depending on the discipline, you can send your physical work for CIDEA final evaluation. Further details will be sent to the Finalists by email.

5. Nominees Announcement, Jurors Awards voting | July 2023

6. Exhibition and Award Ceremony | August or September 2023
All-Winners Announcement at the Award Ceremony.

Disciplines & Categories
For Submissions

All submissions have to be uploaded  on the C-IDEA Online Registration Form or E-mail

If you fail to submit your works on the official website, please contact: cidea_design@hotmail.com


Go to the WEBSITE and fill in personal information.

The names of all participants should be filled in.

Name Work’s Picture.

Please name your work’s picture that you will upload after your Entry Name

If the same participant has to submit more than one entry at the same time, the participant must upload one by one through the official website.

The resolution of all pictures should conform to the standard format, and the description of the work should not exceed 150 words.


Requirements for the submissions

  • The images of your entry
    Please put in the same file if have more images of your entry
  • 150dpi / RGB mode / JPEG  / A4 size
  • The file size of the picture must be within 5M

Requirements for the Video Submissions

  • Video animation works can provide links to works or submit samples of works less than 30M

Tip for the Web & Interaction Submissions

  • For a better interactive experience, participants can provide an online preview

Participants can choose to submit Additional Media (Optional)

*Just show your work’s conception’ links or other media links to help judges better understand your work

Registration system display: congrats! It means that the entries have been submitted successfully.


C-IDEA design award Entry fees has a two-phase process

Phase 1. Participation fee

    • All entrants need to pay participation fee

Phase 2. Nomination Fee (Finalist)

    • If your entry is selected by the Online Pre-selection Jury,You need to pay the Finalist nomination fee

You need to send your payment recipient to the email address cidea_design@hotmail.com, please write the email subject like Name Surname+Entry Name+Payment

The current  fees for the C-IDEA Design Awards are as follows:

Early bird deadline until 20 April 2023

  • Company&Professional: EUR 35 / per entry
  • Student: the first entry’s participation fee is free of charge. If you submit more than one entry, the participation fee would be EUR 10 / per entry.

Regular deadline until 20 June 2023

  • Company&Professional: EUR 50 / per entry
  • Student: the first entry’s participation fee is free of charge. If you submit more than one entry, the participation fee would be EUR 15 / per entry.


  • The Organizing Committee will send the entry’s participation fee payment method to the participants’ registration email address.
  • In case you don’t pay participation fees before the deadline, your entry shall be disqualified.
  • If your entry is selected by the Online Pre-selection Jury.  You need to pay the nomination fee.
  • Participants may submit more than one entry, but please do not upload one entry more than once!
  1. Student: the first entry’s nomination fee is free of charge. If you submit more than one entry, the nomination fee would be € 50 / per entry
  2. Professional: € 150 / per entry
  3. Company: € 300 / per entry
  • Applicants will receive the result of the online preselection by email.
  • If your entry is selected by the Online Pre-selection Jury.  You need to pay the nomination fee.

  • We will send the method of payment by email. Payment of the nomination fee should be finished and the receipt should be uploaded to the official email address: cidea_design@hotmail.com
  • If your entry qualifies for the final jury, the nomination fee will be charged. Your entry will not be eligible for consideration by the jury until the payment of the nomination fee has been finalized.
  • Your work is selected after online preselection, but you are not the winner & finalist for the C-IDEA Design Award. Your work will be qualified for taking part in the C-IDEA Design Award Exhibition. You have to pay an additional exhibition fee is € 100 / per entry

Adelaide, Australia

Lublin, Poland

Taiwan, China

  • 9F., No. 19, Meishu E. 6th St., Gushan Dist., Kaohsiung City 804, Taiwan
  • Tel: + 886 7-5521782

Beijing, China

  • Post-Doctoral research and innovation incubators, Majuqiao Jing Sheng Zhongjie Street7. Tongzhou District Beijing China
  • Tel:+86-01-50826308
  • Email: cidea_award@163.com

Entry Form for  C-IDEA Design Award 2023

 Rules and Regulations – C-IDEADesign Award 2023

Benefits for Winners

Nominate a Grand Award Winner to become a member of the C-IDEA International Jury

One C-IDEA Design Award Certificate

Use C-IDEA Design Award 2023 Logo

Opportunities for inclusion in the  C-IDEA Design Award Yearbook

C-IDEA Design Award winner is provided a free entry ticket to the award ceremony

Opportunities for international media coverage

Opportunity to purchase an award trophy

  • Grand Award and Best Design Award in Each Category winners will receive a trophy free of charge
Information For Finalists

Important note: You can decide if you want to submit your selected physical works or digital works!

Depending on the discipline, you can send your selected physical works for C-IDEA Final Evaluation.
Before submitting your selected physical works, you hereby acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms as following:

1. Fees for shipping
Entries can be shipped by any courier or forwarding company to the address. All costs must be pre-paid by the sender and the shipment must arrive free of charge for C-IDEA. We will refuse to accept entries for which we have to pay anything. Shipping charges which are the responsibility of the shipper are called “ Freight Prepaid ”. Ask your shipping company to send your entries with this method.

2. Return Entry
Entries will not be returned unless you specifically request the return in the label. You have to pay all shipping fees relating to the return of the entries. C-IDEA will charge you a handling and storage fee of entry which should be returned.

3. Transportation and Exhibition Insurance
Even though C-IDEA and our staff take the utmost care when handling the entries, your entry may be damaged in shipping or set up. We recommend that you get transportation and exhibition insurance for each of the entries you submit.

4. Labeling of entries and packaging
All entries and their transport packaging must be clearly labeled with the entry-ID. If your shipment contains entry and accessories, all information must be listed on the outside of the packaging. We have prepared labels for you. You can download the labels on the C-IDEA website, and we will send it by email as well.

Please do not send food, liquids, or batteries, and we strongly recommend you read the customs laws and regulations before you transport your entry.

After the Exhibition Please Remind:
Entries will not be returned unless you specifically request the return in the label. After the exhibition, you will receive an email with detailed information for return shipping.

If you cannot pick up your entry or cannot hire a logistics company to do this, you can also contact C-IDEA directly to request a quote for returning your entry.

1. The organizing committee will arrange to send back your work after confirming the payment;
2. If the returned information is not submitted within the specified date, the organizing committee will be deemed that you will automatically give up the ownership of the physical works. The organizing committee will discard your entry and will not take any responsibility for safety.