What is the c-idea design award?

The c-idea design award is awarded by the Russian designers association, the Hungarian Association of fine arts and applied artists, the Korea visual information design association, the Hungarian poster Association, the graphic design association in Barcelona, Spain, the art gallery in Warsaw, the Turkish Industrial Designers Association (etmk), the Visual Design Committee of Beijing design society, and the advertising creative association of Kaohsiung, Taiwan Macao Poster Design Association Co-sponsored by different international design institutions, aims to lead the global new generation of designers to a better future with an international platform and international vision.

When will the competition be judged?

The competition works will be evaluated in March 2020.

When and where can the results be announced?

The winning list will be announced in early April, and will be released in the official website and WeChat official account.

Do the participants who are shortlisted in the second round of re evaluation but have not received the final evaluation notice need to send the physical objects and models of their works to the place designated by the organizing committee?

The Organizing Committee suggests that the exhibition should be made in kind. However, if the works can not be displayed, if the works exceed the specified size / architectural space/concept category and other intangible works, the participants can use the exhibition board instead of the physical exhibition.

How many participants finally participated in the final evaluation? Is it necessary to send physical objects and models of works?

International judges will select 50 contestants to compete for the c-idea design award. The Organizing Committee of the final evaluation of the contestants must send in kind, because the final evaluation of the works in the form of physical objects, in order to give the judges a more intuitive experience. (the postage and insurance of the returned physical works shall be borne by the participants themselves.)

Why are there two deadlines for this competition?

Deadline for collection of students’ works: February 29; deadline for collection of special exhibition works of professional group: March 30